Azal History

Sheer elegance stemming from three generations old fashion house: Azal. Reason for these decades of success is simply an amazing team that handpicks designs and irresistible patterns that exude grace and glamour. Trendy or traditional, colorful or monotone, heavily worked or aesthetically designed, every article is an epitome of perfection. Azal targets masses with its variety of clothes that are perfect for every age and occasion.

Third generation of Azal has successfully ventured into digital by setting new benchmarks in the textile industry by launching plethora of ranges starring apparel that is trendy, affordable and timeless. As they say, the longer a great mind is left at peace to grow the greater the brilliance. Such is the case of Azal, the new generation has been groomed over time to think like the greats and see beauty where the layman sees none. The elders have bestowed the new generation with the gifts of aesthetically appealing embroidery and color palettes that are refined to the point of perfection. With these tools, the House of Azal is ready to shine nationally and internationally.

The Ethos, Pathos and Logos are fabricated in every attire signifying the dedication to the art and giving their customers a family like experience.